Monday, September 19, 2016

USA: Week 3

Trump is on the move. His poll spike from last week has managed to remain, which is not all that unusual at this point in the election. This is when voters on both sides start to engage, and specifically, start to see the things in their opponents that they dislike. Meanwhile, the centrist moderates begin to plug in, but remain undecided.

As you can see, this may well not be enough. Even with Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, and Iowa, Trump still trails in the electoral vote. This is even after you add in the 1 possible seat in Maine he may win due to Maine's split EV electoral system.

Not much commentary at this stage, it's still early, but it is quite possible this will be the high point for Trump; but it is also possible this was simply the indication that Trump would win. The update next week may not be very different either.

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