Sunday, September 11, 2016

Daily posts; but not always here

As a personal objective, I've set out for myself to make daily posts on my blogs. One problem is I've not always been able to do that, but I do try. This does come with a caveat; my blogs.

As you may know, I have a personal blog I run. It is a place I can deposit my random thoughts, my rants that won't fit on twitter, or just interesting things I've been thinking about. You'll find an assortment of posts there like an examination of native tribes in alternate history, a look at a world where a stargate is real, a newfie joke that newfies might like, and random profanity. My personal blog is a mish-mash of things that I tell people to avoid unless they have a strong stomach, as from time to time, I post highly offensive things there. My commitment to myself is a post on one of my blogs, and so, there may not always be a post here. If that happens, that may be a day where I have chosen to post on my other blog, or it may simply be a day where I've failed in my commitment to myself.

I do have a rough schedule for the coming week. On Monday I will update my US election projection, and will likely continue to do so every Monday until the election. On Tuesday I am working on an examination of electoral reform, in particular, what STV might look like if most, but not all ridings in Canada became multi-member STV ridings. Think of it as like a version of "Urban PR" where the definition of 'urban' is very loose. On Wednesday I will look internationally, perhaps with an update on Russia, or an update on recent events in Germany, or coverage of today's election in Croatia; perhaps even all three. Beyond that, I have nothing currently planned, and may make a post on my personal blog, or, may have other interesting things to look at over here.

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  1. I've decided on a post for my personal blog about politics that will fire on thursday. I'm writing it as we speak, and it will post thursday morning. It is about a very specific statistic in UK elections, focuses only a few of those elections, and on only one of those parties, and while it uses math, the math does somersaults.