Monday, September 5, 2016

US Election; "Writ Drop"

If the US election were held using Canadian standards, today would be the "writ drop", the day the election legally begins. This is when polls begin to get far more accurate and frequent, when media coverage ramps up from it's current level to full (if that can be believed) and the "election season" kicks off.

As such I thought I'd do an "opening" update, showing where things stand as this election "begins"

To be clear about the colours: The darkest shades are states that are "solid" and will not be won by the other candidate. Medium shades indicates states that will probably be won, while light shades indicate states that could flip. Unfortunately, the mapping program, 270towin, does not allow for more shades, if it did, I could show how states like North Carolina are far more likely to switch than Georgia, and just how unlikely it is that Mississippi will switch.

The main purpose for this post is to simply set up this as the ground state; where things are starting, and to serve as a basis for future posts and as a point for comparison.

As of today, there are 63 days to the election.

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