Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quick Update: Utah

I've been focusing on making videos, so please check my channel for my latest updates. I've also taken a look at the US election.

I've looked at some polls from Utah. The state seems to be the only interesting one this year. There are a lot of states that are 49%-51%, and many that are 40%-60%. That's boring. Utah however consistently has an "other" vote that beats the top candidate.

40.7% - Trump
31.9% - Clinton
13.4% - Johnson
11.2% - Evan McMullan
1.7% - Constitution Party Candidate
1.1% - All Others Combined

McMullan is Mormon, and from Utah, so is likely to get support that way. This may be the first time that a state votes for 4 candidates over 10% each in a long time. However, we'll need to see how this goes.

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