Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bonus: Russian Elections (and berlin)

A bonus post; meaning a post on a day where I've already made a blogpost somewhere.

First a quick update on Berlin; where the SDP seems poised to enter a coalition with the Greens and Left, after it's coalition with Merkel's CDU has failed to gain a majority, in part, due to the hard-right AfD entering the legislature.

In Russia it seems I've erred. I've under-estimated the impact of a change of the voting system. Of the 225 seats that have been changed to FPTP, Putin's party has done extraordinarily well.

In the PR seats, on current vote totals, with 28% of the vote counted, these are the results:

133 - UR
38 - LDPR
38 - CPRF
16 - JR

It's in the individual FPTP seats where things get interesting.

193 - UR
6 - LDPR
6 - CPRF
6 - JR
5 - Others

I will be delving deeper into these results to see exactly what this means. Important is Yabloko, the "Apple" party, is set to win a seat. They are unabashedly pro-west and pro-democracy.

edited to add
results graphic, updated results:

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