Thursday, January 16, 2020

Updates on Israel

This is a simple update on my latest post, on Israel.

It seems that minutes before the deadline - and not announced until well after the deadline - that United Right, the coalition of New Right and Tkuma, were able to pry Jewish Home out of their coalition with Otzma. As a result, Jewish Home is now running with New Right and Tkuma in Yamina.

However, I will continue to call this coalition the "United Right" as it contrasts well with the United Left.

Unlike the last election, where Yamina ran explicitly on a deal that would see the party split back into its component parts after the election, Yamina will remain united after the election (though, Israeli coalitions can be unstable, and it may well break apart at a future date)

As such, the update to the most recent poll is as follows:

34 - Blue and White (Gantz)
32 - Likud (Bibi)
16 - Orthodox parties (Multiple)
13 - Joint List (Odeh)
10 - United Left (Peretz)
8 - Yisrael Beiteinu (Leiberman)
7 - United Right (Bennett)
0 - Otzma (Ben-Gvir)

Summarizing, this is as follows:

55 - Right
44 - Left
13 - Arab
8 - 'Centre'

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