Friday, January 3, 2020

Places to check for me, and update on countries.

I've been recently using my personal blog for some personal growth. Part of that growth will see me use the blog a lot more to help journal certain things in my life. If you are wondering what I'm up to, this can be a great place to find out. My twitter account is another good option, and if you go to facebook you can find me by searching TheNewTeddy; but I won't add you as a friend (sorry) as I mostly use it to stay in contact with those who refuse to move to twitter. I'm also always on discord, if you want my contact info for that, let me know on twitter. Lastly, my imgur account is TheNewTeddy, where you can follow my comments on the various memes and images I come across. If you notice the amount of posting I am doing has dropped off, you'll find the answer in one of those places guaranteed (in all honesty, discord or my personal blog are your best bets; it's the latter that will help you explain why I'm trying to compare the ancien regime provinces of france to the areas under control by its various parlements.)

But, most people don't come here to listen to me talk about my personal issues, you come to hear about politics around the world. Countries are starting to get back on track after the winter break.

Recent polls in Israel show not much changed over the break in terms of support, though parties are slowly starting to form electoral coalitions before the January 15th deadline; things still are looking up for Gantz, but only ever so slightly.

Spain('s newly elected Parliament) is finally going to vote on confirming its new coalition government. The Catalan parties have made agreements to allow this to happen, and the votes themselves are expected over the weekend and early next week.

Lastly, just to note, I do, from time to time, follow elections in countries that are not expected to vote any time soon. Emmanuel Macron, for example, is still expected to win the next Presidential elections in France, though with a much narrower margin (55%-45% vs 66%-34% last time), and has been fairly consistent at this support level over Le Pen for all of 2019. However, the most recent poll is from before the pension strikes.

Most other large countries either held elections last year (Poland, Thailand, India, South Africa) are countries I already regularly update and follow (Italy, Germany, Japan) are not fully democratic (China, Iran) have semi-stable political systems that make following things this far out semi pointless (Nigeria, Pakistan) or are Presidential in nature (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina) whereas I tend to follow countries more Parliamentary in nature.

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