Friday, January 10, 2020

Quick note on daily posts

While I will be striving to make a post every day, I want to be clear there's no guarantee there will be one every single day. That being said, there are things to cover for today:

As of the time of this post, it is about 6am in Taiwan on election day. There are no new polls I have access to, so I have no update on that.

In Italy, M5S appears to be having internal troubles, having suspended a senator, and some say the party might split. The 4 main right parties, which are allies, have 48.5% of the vote according to the most recent poll while the 4 main government parties have 39.8%; this would almost certainly result in a majority for the right-wing coalition; though it should be noted Italy is still some distance from an election.

In Israel there continues to be very slight movement away from Likud; but it is likely not enough to cause a major change in the math for the next round of coalition negotiations.

Lastly, there's been an election in Sint Maarten; which is part of the Netherlands, and shares an island with the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin, on the island of Saint Martin, east of Puerto Rico. It seems in September the United Democrats government collapsed, lead to a new one being formed by the National Alliance. the National Alliance, lead by Silveria Jacobs, now has 6 seats, a gain of 1, and is the largest in the Estates. The United Democrats, lead by Sarah Wescot-Williams, were reduced from 7 seats to 1 seat. Third is the United Peoples Party, lead by Rolando Brison. Both the United St. Maarten Party, lead by Frans Richardson, and the Party for Progress, lead by Melissa Gumbs, have taken 2 seats.

Personality seems to matter for a lot here. The United Peoples Party is lead by a former United St. Maarten Party member of Parliament, while one of its members is Luc Mercelina, a former United Democrat member.

I'm not quite sure what any of this means; but thought it would be interesting to look at an election in a place I don't normally look.

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