Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Live Podcasts

If you follow my youtube channel, you'll know that yesterday I tried something new, a livestream ramble.

The permalink to my livestreams is here:

What I decided to do was take a video game without voice-over, and record a "podcast" against it, where I discuss various political topics.

Episode 0 helped to teach me what I did wrong and what I did right, and, it was successful enough in my mind, that I will be recording an Episode 1 at some point soon; today, or perhaps tomorrow, that will cover many of the same issues. The key difference will be one of structure, in that I will be pre-planning what I say, rather than randomly rambling.

The topics to be discussed will mirror that of episode 0.

Overall comparisons between the 4 main countries

Presidential systems VS Westminster systems

Parliaments compared (including election methods for all offices)

Parties compared

And terminology compared

You don't need to watch live, and at this time, I don't plan on pre-scheduling episodes. The key reason I livestream is the reduction in steps needed. While it does mean I can't edit things, it makes a fully un-edited video much faster to post online. Otherwise I'd have to record audio, export it to my desktop, merge it with a video, export that, upload it, and wait for it to process. With a livestream, I hit the "go" button, and when I hit "stop" everything is done.

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