Thursday, November 3, 2016

Senate: a new way to look at things

A quick post.

Given recent developments, I've decided to present the party standings in the Senate (here in Canada) in a new way.

With the growth of non-partisans, the main dividing lines may become geographic. As the non-partisans have yet to form any sort of crossbench, I've decided to run with the geographic idea.

I've also tried to distinguish the non-partisans based on who appointed them, generally assuming that those appointed by Liberals would lean left, and those by Tories would lean right. I also made a final adjustment for Senators who have expressed their own previous partisan opinions, such as Anne Cools, who had been keen on Harper at one point in time.

As such, I present to you the current party standings in the Senate:

There is still some refinement work to do, but in general, I am happy with how this has turned out.


  1. Brown = Liberal-appointed or leaning, Light Blue = Conservative appointed/leaning?

    1. Sorry, Dark Blue = Conservative-appointed/leaning?