Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More on the New Left vs the New Right

While I touched on some of the important points here, I don't think I explained things very well.

A few important things to note:
The Culture War was perhaps the first warning sign of a change.
Liberalism, 150 years ago, was much more associated with "big business" and "rich capitalists" than Conservatism was.
What was "Left Wing" 150 years ago was not "Left Wing" 80 years ago. That changed.
What was "Right Wing" 150 years ago was not "Right Wing" 80 years ago. That changed.
Definitions change.
What is Left and Right now (and has been for the better portion of 70-80 years) will no longer be Left and Right in a few decades.
We are in the middle of a transition of the entire meaning of "Left" and "Right"
Some things, like more Free Trade agreements, will become "Left Wing" ideas.
Some things, like supporting the Working Class, will become "Right Wing" ideas.
Socialism, came out of "nowhere" because it arose among a class of people who did not exist.
You and I are almost certainly in the same 'class' of person in our outlook and our position within the "new" right/left split.

With that in mind.

We are seeing the rise of the New Right, and the New Left. Donald Trump, the Front Nationale, even Vladimir Putin, are all on the New Right. The New Left meanwhile is still forming, but people like Justin Trudeau are on it's forefront.

200 years ago the cleve in society was based around who is a person.
80 years ago that cleve was one of class, ownership, wealth, and property.

In the new cleve, the main divide is global vs local.

Global is the new Left.
Local is the new Right.

It will take another 15-25 years before we are fully in this new Left and new Right; but we are going there, and going there fast.

With that in mind, I'm changing the way I do projections and the math I use, to properly account for the New Right and it's organization.

With any luck, the New Left will organize quickly.

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