Tuesday, November 29, 2016

29NOV2016 Updates and Thoughts


There are 4 main pipeline proposals to get Alberta oil to customers. 1 of them has just been nixed, while 2 have been approved.

Keystone, the "south" route, ends on the Gulf of Mexico. Since the political impact of that pipeline would mostly happen in the US, and the US has approval power over the line, I will skip it.

Northern Gateway, the "north" route, ends on the north coast of BC. It's highly controversial as it travels through environmentally sensitive land. This is the pipeline that Trudeau has nixed.

Line 3, the "east" route, ends at the Great Lakes. It runs through many unpopulated areas and is less controversial. It does technically end in the United States.

Trans Mountain, the "west" route, ends in Vancouver. This pipeline already exists, but this plan would see it expanded greatly. It is unpopular in the Vancouver area.

East and West were both approved.

My thoughts? This will make it much more difficult for Trudeau to hold on to his current BC seats. No guarantee that it means massive losses however.


The most recent news is that the two largest parties, the right-wing Independence and left-wing Left-Greens, are looking at a possible grand coalition. These parties would still need an additional seat for a majority, and so, would need a 3rd party to join them. It's possible that one of the very first ideas put forth for a possible post-election coalition, might come true; that would see a Pirate Prime Minister with Left-Green and Independence cabinet ministers in a coalition.


I don't follow scandals much, so don't know the full details, but the President has been deep in a huge scandal for some time now. She's recently asked Parliament to find a way for her to step down. The Opposition controls Parliament so exactly how this plays out remains to be seen.

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