Saturday, November 19, 2016

One possible story of what might happen to Doland Trump

I'd recommend a read of this article
the governorship section in particular, to see just one of many ways the Trump presidency could turn out. Here are a few highlights.

" Mecham faced difficulties during much of his term. Because he had run as a political outsider, other Republicans only had party loyalty as a reason to follow the new governor. This lack of strong loyalty made it easy for his support to fall as a series of political gaffes damaged Mecham's popularity."

"Mecham was on poor terms with state lawmakers. He repeatedly asserted that he was under no obligation to cooperate with the legislature, that he was answerable only to the United States Constitution—which, he believed, had been divinely revealed.[31] Several of Mecham's appointments to key executive positions—submitted without consultation with legislative leaders—were found to have highly questionable credentials. Examples included Alberto Rodriguez, his choice to head the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, who was under investigation for murder;[32] the director of the Department of Revenue, whose company was in arrears by $25,000 on employment compensation payments;[21] the proposed supervisor of prison construction, who had served prison time for armed robbery;[33] and a former Marine, nominated as a state investigator, who had been court-martialled twice."

"Mecham made an issue of his relationship with the press. Claiming that many of his problems were caused by media enemies "

"Based on this report, the House began hearings into possible impeachment proceedings on January 19.[48] These resulted in the passing of House Resolution 2002 on February 8 by a vote of 46 to 14"

"arguably, the testimony most damaging to Mecham was his own, during which he repeated his assertion that the Legislature had no authority over him, and berated individual legislators.[31] On April 4, the Senate convicted Mecham on obstruction of justice by a vote of 21 to 9"

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