Friday, October 16, 2015

The election is not over

A personal post of sorts.

I've just bought my "Election Night Drink". Sambuca. Why Sambuca? Well I do enjoy the taste, but more importantly, it's clear. Why does that count? Food colouring.

It's become a tradition at Teddy's place, since the 2011 election, that when there is an election, I drink sambuca, and colour it based on the party that will win, or, will win in it's own way, as the NDP did in 2011. As such, 2011 saw me drink orange sambuca.

And I can announce I have the bottle I plan to drink monday night. I've even cracked it open for a sip, and then put the bottle down beside the food colouring. And the colour I added?


Despite all the polls, and all the projections, and the size of the gap - it remains too early to say, with certainty, that the Liberals will beat the Tories.

I can say the NDP not win, no matter what, but they could still manage to retain the official opposition, especially if the Tories slip. The Tories, however, can still win a minority government and beat the Liberals.

As such, this election projectionist, with all his math and spreadsheets, is not yet ready to declare a winner.

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