Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The day after

Beyond waiting out a hangover, there are other things to do today.

1 - Compile the near-final results, and take note of which ridings are very close, and might flip due to one or two missing poll boxes, or, a recount.

2 - Make a results table, like the one below (this one will actually fit into the blog though)

3 - Make maps, like below, with the near-final results.

After that, a small break, before

4 - Compare the results to the projection.
This last step really leaves me motivated. I'm quite sure that I had the best projection of the night, yet again, as I did in 2011. Maybe I did not, and if I did not, I'll let you know who did with a link to their website and a true congrats to them. However, if I nailed two federal elections in a row, it means that I will not only continue doing this, but, I will ask for the credit that is due.

The final step will take the longest
5 - Build a new election projection spreadsheet program that uses the new results.

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