Thursday, October 22, 2015

"New" MPs

I thought I'd take a quick look at the new cast of MP's that will be sitting by experience. I decided to go by party.

Elizabeth May is the only one, she is returning for another 4 year term.

One MP (Louis Plamondon) will be sitting his 10th term, having originally been elected in 1984. In fact, considering he won his seat in September of that year, he has been an Member of Parliament since before I was born.
Another MP (Luc Theriault) sat in the Quebec legislature for 4 years.
The remaining 8 are all novices.
One MP, (Mario Beaulieu) is a former leader of the party.

Of their 44 MPs most are incumbents.
16 are new, and 1 has extensive provincial experience (Jenny Kwan). A number have municipal experience.
The Prairies see 3 new MPs from Saskatchewan, and 1 from Manitoba.
3 are new from Ontario, and 2 from Quebec.
7 are from BC, with a surprising number from Vancouver Island.

Of the 99 MPs, most, again, are incumbents.

In Quebec, there are 7 new MPs, some with experience at lower levels of government.
BC has 3 new MPs. The province has returned a lot of new MPs this election.
Alberta has 14 new MPs, many of them have served Provincially.
Manitoba has only returned sitting MPs
Saskatchewan has returned 3 new MPs
Ontario returned 7 new MPs.

As such, roughly a third, 34 of 99, are new.

184 MPs and some of the more interesting ones.

In the North, 2 are new, and 1 has previous experience (as an MP)
Saskatchewan has only one Incumbent
Alberta has 4 new MPs, half were MLAs
Nova Scotia also has 1 previous (MP), 4 Incumbents, and 6 rookies.
Newfoundland has 4 New (MPs) and 3 Incumbents
New Brunswick had 1 Incumbent and 9 New
PEI had 3 Incumbents and 1 new
Manitoba had 1 Incumbent and 6 new
BC provided 13 new, 2 previous, and 2 incumbents

Subtotal so far:
16 Incumbents, 44 New, 4 Previous

Quebec gives 5 Incumbents, 3 Previous, and 32 New
Ontario gives 8 Previous, 10 Incumbents, and 62 new

For a final total of:

31 Incumbents, 15 Previous, and 138 new.

As such, there are 58 new MPs from the opposition, and 138 for the Government. This sort of balance is not unusual, not only because Governments, by their nature win more seats, but, new governments have to gain seats.

As for over a dozen previous MP's returning, I'm not sure, but that may be a record. My head is already spinning just calculating this, if someone else has already run the numbers in previous elections, feel free to share!

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