Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Possible new leaders? (NDP version)

Justin Trudeau is the only person who has a secure leadership.

In another party, Elizabeth May might be in trouble, but the Greens are not as 'savage' as some other parties are, and as a result, I don't expect her to go unless she wants to go.

Thomas Mulcair could hang on. The NDP likes to keep it's leaders around, but, they did turf McLaughlan pretty quickly, so, anything could happen.

Who are some NDP leadership possibilities?

Jack Harris (maybe)

Nova Scotia:
Megan Leslie (probably)
Peter Stoffer (unlikely)
It's likely, with the NS NDP still leaderless, one of the two will take over that party, and the other would consider a Federal run (though, might still decide against it)

PEI + New Brunswick:
Dominic Cardy (unlikely)

Ruth Ellen Brosseau (see note)
Alexandre Boulerice (probably)
Romeo Saganash (maybe)

David Christopherson (maybe)
Irene Mathyssen (unlikely)
Brian Masse (unlikely)
Charlie Angus (probably)
Peggy Nash (unlikely)

Niki Ashton (near certainty)

Saskatchewan + Alberta
Joe Ceci (very unlikely)

British Columbia:
Peter Julian (probably)
Dawn Black (maybe)
Jenny Kwan (very likely)

Of all of them who is my pick?

Brosseau has been underestimated every time she has run. She Gained votes in her riding. Let me say that again: She won by a larger margin this time than she did last time (notional)

She could very well run for, and win the leadership, and be a real serious threat to the Liberals and the Tories. Do not count her out.

Keep in mind that "sames" won't run against each other. Boulerice is seen as on the left, and as such, another left-winger (perhaps Julian?) may decide to not run because Boulerice is running, or, vice versa.

So, what of the Tories though, who are some of their possibilities? Find out in my next post.

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