Friday, October 2, 2015

1, 2, 3 ,4, 5; the parties

This is a post announcing I plan to be covering all the parties running in this election.
No, not a "all 3" of them.
Or "all 5" or even "all 6"
All 23.

My objective will be to introduce the parties to people who don't know much about them. As such, my entries on the "main" parties will be rather short.

1 - The Conservative Party of Canada.

2 - The New Democratic Party of Canada

3 - The Liberal Party of Canada.

If you know enough about politics to understand half this blog, you already know these parties, and they don't need introductions.

There is a real battle this election for 4th both in terms of seats and votes. The two parties battling it out are

4 - The Bloc Quebecois

Most "Politics 101" students will know this party is 'separatist' but the reality is the Bloc offers a full platform and has a position on every major issue facing Quebec at the federal level. The Bloc is not a "one issue party" Currently, the Bloc is campaigning heavily on "Quebecois" issues, including their concerns about issues like the Niqab.

5 - The Green Party of Canada

Like the Bloc, some think this is a one-issue party. Unlike the Bloc the Greens have really broken out of their "one issue" and most of their most provocative proposals, like that for a Basic Income, have little to nothing at all to do with their original environmental goals. In fact, the Green Party of Canada is one of the most moderate, potentially even "right wing" Green Parties in the world.

Our next post will feature the Forces et Democratie, or, Strength in Democracy party, followed by a post on a small party that seems to be doing surprisingly well this election.

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