Monday, September 21, 2015

Good morning, folks!

I decided to throw the doors open a few hours early, and we officially opened last night. Feel free to check out that post here.

I also have a few more solid ideas about how this website/blog will progress.

First, we will continue to follow the Canadian Federal election - and only that - until October 19th. I'll be ramping up the time I spend developing this website during that period to match the ramping up of interest of Canadians.

Do not expect daily projection updates before October. Do not be surprised if there are two updates a day in the week before the election, and do not be surprised if there are updates to the entire nationwide projection, every few minutes, in the early hours of counting, based on the limited real hard results.

I also may not do a full riding by riding update for every province at every projection. I will let demand dictate this, and demand will be gauged by your comments. If there is the demand for such full updates, I will consider it.

Next, I will be working on adding historical results for comparison. I will be focusing on comparing one election to the next. As such, do not expect a dozen information points for elections like this one, rather, I will be combining certain things to make the comparison of one election to the next easier. As such, expect, in the case of the election above, the "Progressive" totals to include Labour, UFA, UFO, and Independent Progressive members.

I will take time and care to note where and when changes are significant and mark it as so, but will also do my best to combine results where needed to make for ease of reading. In short, you should be able to quickly reference the document to see the rise and fall of various parties, and quickly determine if we are currently looking at something unique, or something that has happened before.

That's pretty much all for now.

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