Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Be on ToP with Teddy on Politics

This is a momentous day, as the "beta version" of ToP, the new Teddy on Politics blog, is launched.

I'd ask you not share this link with anyone until we officially "open" our "doors" to the public, but as someone who has either expressed interest in this blog, is someone I know personally, or is someone I respect in the online political community, you are seeing this post today because I've given you advance access.

Feel free to keep poking around this website/blog to watch the progress as I add the following items

1 - Riding by Riding projections for Federal elections (when called) and Provincial elections (when called) in the 4 largest provinces, here in Canada.

2 - General election predictions for Federal elections, all 10 provinces, and 3 territories here in Canada, as well as general predictions for many countries around the world, and even some sub-national state, province, and regional elections!

3 - Youtube. That's right, I plan to open up a youtube "educational" channel to help people learn about Canadian politics. An example of what you might expect (with better graphics, of course) would be this video I did for a political simulation (game) I once ran. This may not be up-and-running by opening day, however.

4 - Historical results. I already have an (open office)/excel file full of this. I will be uploading it to this website so that you can easily compare historic with current results. In time, I will also include maps going back to 1952, and I hope to work with Earl from the Canadian Election Atlas to include maps from before that, likely hosted on his website.

5 - A Community. I will try to figure out the best way to do this, from encouraging comments, to getting a PHPBB forum, to opening up a subreddit (I am no fan of reddit) I will try my best to build up a community where all are welcome.

Until opening day, feel free to comment, or even speak with one another, but I'd just ask you do not retweet the link to this blog/website, or share the link to it in any other way, until we are "ready to go"

Thanks in advance
~Nicholas J "Teddy" Boragina

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