Saturday, March 13, 2021

WA election - Labor landslide

 With a third of the vote in, Labor sits at 53 seats, to 4 for National, and 2 for the Liberals. One of the Labor seats (Nedlands) is still too close to call, with the Liberals close behind. All other seats appear to be solid. The Liberals look set to be reduced to 2 seats and end up with a gender balanced caucus. 

Labor has taken 58% of the vote, compared to 22% for the Liberals, and 4% for National. the Greens at 8% are sitting on 0 seats. 

In the upper house, Labor appears set for 22 seats, facing off against 5 Liberals, 4 Nationals, and 5 for smaller parties (3 right wing, 2 left wing), which would also be a majority in the upper house.

If these results hold - and it looks like they will - the Liberal leader would not only lose his seat, but the party would lose its official opposition status. 

Anyone who catches this post early enough can watch results come in live here.

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