Sunday, March 14, 2021

German state elections - 14MAR2021

 Elections were held today in Rhineland-Palatinate, and Baden-Wurttemberg. In the former, the existing SPD-GRN-FDP coalition seems likely to continue. There is a small possibility that the FDP could be replaced by the Free Voters party; which is committed to direct democracy and perhaps therefore more moderate than the FDP. The only other option would be a SPD-CDU government; but, that option existed last time, and was rejected (and thus, probably would be rejected again, for the same reasons)

Baden-Wurttemberg is more interesting. Polls only closed 15 minutes ago, and  am relying on exit polling. It is possible the Greens and SPD could get enough combined seats for a majority; though, at this time that seems unlikely. The only other option would likely be a Green-SDP-FDP government; but, my understanding has always been the Greens and FDP have a wide gulf between them on policy. Additionally, I think that the Minister-President (Premier) of the lander, Winfried Kretschmann is more comfortable with a Green-CDU coalition; and as such, it too is likely to continue. 

I will update both, these two elections and the Western Australia election, as counting continues, tomorrow. 

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