Sunday, December 11, 2016

Somalia and Twitter

Just now I posted a "twitter thread" that you can read here.

It started with a tweet from CNN's Breaking News that read

The death toll from a car bomb in Mogadishu, Somalia, has risen to at least 20 people, an official says.

I said that was good news and explained why. I'll post the thread here.

despite the deaths, this sort of news story is great news, and I'll explain why in this thread
next I tweeted

Somalia has, for years, been a den of anarchy and fighting. In ~2014 the state started to stabilize.

last year my prediction for this year was that Somalia would become a far more stable, recognizable, and normal state

that seems, for the most part, to have happened. Replace Mogadishu in this tweet with any other city, and it still works.

Previously, a car bombing in an area of anarchy where no country has rule wouldn't be tweet worthy, nobody would notice in the larger world

Now, not only is this pushed to the front, but "officials" are making comment. It's simple but there's someone there to BE an official.

And while I hope this is the last car bombing I ever read about from Mogadishu, I truly hope to see Somalia continue its recovery.

The more news stories I see out of Somalia that 'could happen anywhere' the better. Somalia; my hopes are with you.

In effect, it's a mini blog.
I wanted to give all my readers a heads up; that one of the best ways to keep up with my thoughts is through twitter.

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