Monday, December 26, 2016

26DEC2016 - Updates

Still no government (sigh)
The most recent news is the Progressives are trying to cobble one together; they are the scandal ridden former government heads who were resoundingly voted out.

New Zealand
Still no new polls, but a poll taken during the resignation suggests national may be down slightly, perhaps, after everything is taken into account, down from an average of near 47 to closer to 43.

At Home (Canada)
The Liberals have lost quite a few points in recent polling, but are still polling ahead of their election performance.

Things have not generally turned to violence, so that's good, but things are still chaotic. Looks like the entire election hinges on a single polling booth that had a re-vote, and has yet to be counted.

Turks and Caicos
December 15th election, opposition has won, and is forming a new government.

Ivory Coast
Existing government re-elected handedly, taking 50%+1 of the vote compared to the largest opposition party, which took 5.8%.

Future elections to look to
Western Australia in March
British Columbia in May
And Nationally;
Netherlands in March
France in April

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