Monday, December 19, 2016

19DEC2016 - Elector Day

Today is the day electors from the US electoral college cast their ballots. Normally this day passes without notice, so I don't really have past memory of how all this goes. Theoretically the electors submit 6 envelopes. 1 to Congress, 1 as a backup to Congress, 1 as a backup to the backup, 1 to the State's Secretary of State (Who normally administers elections), 1 as a backup, and 1 to a local judge.

It's unclear when these are opened.
It's unclear if electors can, or should, talk about the results.

As such its quite possible that by the end of the day today we won't have any idea of how the electoral college voted.

Still no government

New Zealand:
No new polls since Key quit and English took over. I'll keep you updated when new stuff rolls in.

The elections have produced a near tie, and things are getting messy. I'll update when things become a bit more coherent.

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