Friday, April 1, 2016

Provincial Liberals to win majority in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Also, April Fools!

On a serious note; I am not covering the provincial elections in SK and MB because of the certainty of the results. 

In Saskatchewan the Saskatchewan Party will win. I do have a regional breakdown however:

NDP: 4-6 seats
SKP: 7-9 seats

NDP: 2-6 seats
SKP: 31-35 seats

NDP: 3-8 seats
SKP: 3-8 seats

It's also possible for the Liberals to win one or even two seats, but this is unlikely. 

My expectation is for the final result to see 15 NDPers elected, facing off against 46 from the Saskatchewan Party

In Manitoba, the PC Party has a majority locked up. Unlike Saskatchewan, there is a third party that will win seats. 

PCP: 11-23 seats
NDP: 5-11 seats
LIB: 3-9 seats

PCP: 19-24 seats
NDP: 1-3 seats
LIB: 1-4 seats

There is a question as to which party will finish second, and, bluntly, this is really the only interesting thing about these April elections.

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