Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Manitoba Results

Post-mortem in the coming days, for now, the results on a map:

A few short takeaways:

Bokhari, the Liberal Leader, screwed up big time. In her own riding she finished third. In fact, bluntly, she did not elect 3 MLAs, she elected around 8, but those were NDP MLAs. The hate for the NDP should have been enough to swing a number of ridings over to the Liberals, but that did not happen. In fact, all 3 ridings that Liberals won were due to local factors such as popular candidates.

Thompson went Blue. Steve Ashton, the longtime NDP MLA for the northern riding of Thompson was defeated by a PC candidate. This will send ripples though the political sphere of Manitoba.

The Greens did well. They didn't win any seats, but they came damn close. I'll be looking at their vote when I do my post-mortem.

The Manitoba Party did shockingly well. I've not mentioned them as I expected them to do very poorly, but they, in fact, captured nearly 2% of the vote, despite running only 16 candidates.

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