Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Manitoba Post-Mortem: Green Party

The Green Party had a pretty good election. Winnipeg can be added to the list of cities such as Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary, where the party may one day see a breakthrough. Sadly for the Greens, they were unable to turn this into any seats.

Here are the seats the Green Party could have won if they had taken 4 times their vote:

As you can see, the support for the party is concentrated in Winnipeg. In fact, due to the fact that so many ridings had no candidate,

This will be much shorter than the review of the Liberal showing. In short, the biggest mistakes of this campaign were not strategic but tactical. Beddome ran in the wrong riding, and a party that is missing about half it's possible candidates clearly has some other problems as well.

If the Greens plan to do better, they will need to step up their game. It's possible for them to do so, but not without years of hard work.

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