Sunday, April 17, 2016

Canada: A general update

I like doing these from time to time to ensure that everyone (myself included) is up to date. A note; given the recent and future elections in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, these provinces will be skipped.

House of Commons
It has been quite a while since I last did an update, so, I will use the election as the "last update" time. Since the last update, we've only seen one change, the death of Jim Hillyer (C), the MP for Medicine Hat.
184 - L
98 - C
44 - N
10 - B
1 - G
1 - V

The Senate has changed radically, in that the new Prime Minister, like his father, has actually changed the way the Senate works. As such, I need to change the way I report party standings. Officially, they look like so:
42 - C
26 - L
20 - I
16 - V
However, given the move towards a non-partisan system, I will need to start including 'leaners' As such, the results are as follows
52 - C
36 - L
16 - V
This puts all 9 Harper appointed Independents within the Conservative fold, as well as Anne Cools, who has been leaning to the right over the years, and puts the 10 remaining Senators in with the Liberals.

British Columbia
Since the election, the party standings have only seen a minor change, that being the pick up of a seat by the NDP.
48 - L
35 - N
1 - G
1 - I

The party balance remains as it was at the election, with the sole change being the pickup of Prentice's seat, as he resigned from his seat prior to being elected to it. The Alberta Liberals have an Interim Leader at the moment, as does the Alberta PC Party, leadership elections will thus need to happen in these parties.
54 - N
22 - W
9 - P
1 - L
1 - A

Due to it's small size, strange things can happen. Party lines are not as solid as they are elsewhere. The largest change is the defection of the Liberal leader to the Yukon Party.
12 - Y
6 - N
1 - L

Prince Edward Island
There have been no changes singe the election. The Tories will be holding a leadership election to elect a new leader.
18 - L
8 - P
1 - G

Nova Scotia
Two government members were removed from caucus since the election. The small Green Party has an interim leader at this time, and will need to hold a leadership election.
33 - L
10 - P
6 - N
2 - I

New Brunswick
No changes since the election, but the PC Party has an interim leader at this time, as such, a leadership race will be needed.
26 - L
22 - P
1 - G

Newfoundland and Labrador
No changes since the election. All the parties currently have permanent leaders.
31 - L
7 - P
2 - N

The seat of Sudbury changed hands in a by-election; the other by-elections held since the election have resulted in the incumbent parties holding the seats.
59 - L
28 - P
20 - N

There have been a few changes due to by-elections. All the parties currently have stable leaders.
71 - PLQ
30 - PQ
20 - CAQ
3 - QS
1 - IND


  1. More has happened in Nova Scotia than just the independent members.

    In no particular order.

    Young (L) was kicked out of caucus, hasn't come back in.
    Porter (PC) left that caucus, was independent, then joined the Liberals.
    Liberals won two of three by-elections, losing one seat but gaining two others, both former NDP.
    NDP caucus leader MacDonald stepped down to let perm leader Burrill run.

    All told, the current numbers are 34-10-5-1-1 (vac).

    1. Thank you for that, the information I had was out of date.

  2. Liberal MPP for Scarborough—Rouge River Bas Balkissoon has resigned so it's 58 for the OLP now.

    1. Thanks. I'll be doing an update to these numbers within a month or two given the fact that the information I had was wrong in two provinces.