Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pirate Party to win government - no this is not a joke

Again; this is not a joke.

Thanks in large part to the Panama Papers, the Prime Minister of Iceland has asked the President to dissolve the legislature (The Althing) and hold a snap election.

Due to the nature of the Panama Papers themselves, the Pirate Party of Iceland can be expected to gain 5%, perhaps even 10% above their current position in the polls; especially given the unique nature of Iceland.

Here's the "problem"

The party is already on nearly 40% of the vote.

There is an honest to goodness chance that if they play their cards right, the party could top 50%, and win a majority.

Even at current strength, the Pirates are a shoe-in for the largest party, and given the issues, will almost certainly retain that position.

I will keep you updated as the situation develops.

UPDATE: The President has apparently said "no"

UPDATE: From what I can gather, the President's actual answer was along the lines of "Try again later" with some implication that if a majority of Parliament wants a dissolution, he'd grant it. The President also has made noises that he may be willing to act on his own in the interests of the country.

UPDATE: Final update to this post: The PM has resigned. This has an implication that there will not be a dissolution; as it's unlikely (though possible) the new PM would dissolve a parliament he (or she) controls.

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