Friday, September 10, 2021

Norway headed to left-wing government

 Lets hop right into the numbers, obtained by averaging the 2 most recent polls:

11 - R (Red Party) [Communist] 
16 - SV (Socialist Left) [Socialist] 
44 - Ap (Labour) [Social Democracy] 
21 - Sp (Centre) [Nordic Agrarian] 

92 - Left Opposition Coalition 

7 - V (Liberal) [Euro Liberal] 
8 - KrF (Christian Democratic) [Christian Democrat] 
33 - H (Conservative) [Conservative] 
21 - FrP (Progressive) [Neo Nationalist] 

69 - Right Government Coalition 

8 - MDG (Greens) [Green] 

8 - Others

These numbers have, more or less, been fairly consistent. As such, unless something unexpected happens, the opposition left-wing alliance will win this election.

Reminder that the election is scheduled for Monday (13th September 2021) and that Norway is in the central European time zone (CET) meaning that polls would close in the early afternoon in Canada.

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