Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Canadians return similar parliament to Ottawa

 Over the next few hours, days, and weeks, I'll have much data to share, but for today, just a quick post. In short, we've returned a Parliament that looks an awful lot like the last one. Some statistics of note are as follows:

While things can change as a million votes remain to be counted, the popular vote has broken down as follows:

CPC 34.0% (-0.4%) 
LIB 32.2% (-0.8%) 
NDP 17.7% (+1.8%) 
BQ 7.7% (+-0%) 
PPC 5.1% (+3.5%) 
GRN 2.3% (-4.2%) 

Current seats is as follows; but note mail-in ballots have to be counted. Hence the 'ranges' in brackets: 

158 LIB (152-164)
119 CPC (114-120)
34 BQ (30-34)
25 NDP (25-33)
2 GRN (2-2)

Notable wins include a CPC gains in the Atlantic, a Green in Kitchener Centre, 2 Liberals AND 2 NDPers from Alberta, and the Tories doing very poorly in the Vancouver area.

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