Monday, September 13, 2021

Norway election - early results

 Results are coming in for the Norwegian election. More than half the ballots have already been counted, despite polls only closing roughly 25 minutes ago. This is the advance vote. It, generally matches what the polls suggested would happen. The current results are as follows:

14 - SV (Socialist Left) [Socialist] 
48 - Ap (Labour) [Social Democracy] 
24 - Sp (Centre) [Nordic Agrarian] 
86 - Left Coalition (new government)

3 - V (Liberal) [Euro Liberal] 
7 - KrF (Christian Democratic) [Christian Democrat] 
37 - H (Conservative) [Conservative] 
20 - FrP (Progressive) [Neo Nationalist] 
67 - Right Coalition (new opposition)

8 - R (Red Party) [Communist] 
7 - MDG (Greens) [Green] 
1 - PF (Patient Focus) [local interest]
16 - Others

General thinking seems to be that Ap, Sp, and SV will be core parts of the new government, but that the Greens might be rotated in, in place of the Red Party. As such I've put both in the "other" area. Technically, the 3 parties hold a majority of their own, but, it would be quite a narrow majority, and some extra room to move is likely what the new government is going to be looking for. 

A note that PF is a local health-based party, it seems similar to the UK's ICHC party, which also won 1 seat in a general election at some points.


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  2. norway update with most results now counted

    13 - SV (Socialist Left) [Socialist]
    48 - Ap (Labour) [Social Democracy]
    28 - Sp (Centre) [Nordic Agrarian]
    89 - Left Coalition (new government)

    8 - V (Liberal) [Euro Liberal]
    3 - KrF (Christian Democratic) [Christian Democrat]
    36 - H (Conservative) [Conservative]
    21 - FrP (Progressive) [Neo Nationalist]
    68 - Right Coalition (new opposition)

    8 - R (Red Party) [Communist]
    3 - MDG (Greens) [Green]
    1 - PF (Patient Focus) [local interest]
    12 - Others

    the sudden shifts from 3 to 8 seats for some parties is due to passing (or failing to pass) the 4% threshold for fill-up seats. (corrected numbers)