Thursday, February 6, 2020

US Impeachment - Just the numbers

I'm not going to wade into the debate over impeaching Presidents. Instead, I am simply going to present the numbers and let you make up your own mind. Note that in the event of multiple articles of impeachment, I am posting either the most available number, or, the one that is the "worst" for the President. Independent Senators and Congressmen are counted with the party which with they caucused. In the event the Independent member in question does not caucus with either party, they is counted with the party that, in majority, voted the same way they did.


House vote:

Yea: 122 R / 4 D
Nay: 45 D / 2 R

Senate vote:

Yea: 35 R
Nay: 10 R / 9 D

Result: Not removed from office.


Committee Vote:

Yea: 21 D / 7 R
Nay: 10 R

Result: Resigned before a House vote could take place.

Assuming Republicans would have broken 7-10 as they did in Committee during the Nixon impeachment, the results could have been as follows:
Yea: 241 D / 79 R
Nay: 113 R
Senate vote:
Yea: 56 D / 18 R
Nay: 26 R
In such a case, the vote would have been successful. 


House vote:

Yea: 223 R / 5 D
Nay: 201 D / 5 R

Senate vote:

Yea: 50 R
Nay: 45 D / 5 R


House vote:

Yea: 228 D
Nay: 192 R / 1 D

Senate vote:

Yea: 47 D / 1 R
Nay: 52 R


Trump, along with the hypothetical successful Nixon, are the only ones to have their own party's Senators vote against them. Additionally, the two are the only ones not to have at least one senator from their opposition party back them.

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