Sunday, February 24, 2019

Updates; all the 'other' countries

Lets start small and work our way up to the bigger stories.

Here at home, Jagmeet Singh, NDP leader, faces a by-election tomorrow. I will detail the risks in a post tomorrow, but suffice it to say that if he loses, he's done as leader.

In Poland a new party, Wiosna (spring) has been formed; but it threatens to unbalance the '2 party' balance that had been developing there.

Italy continues its existing trends. I will let you know when M5S has fallen close enough to PD to signify a change.

In Germany the SPD is bouncing back towards second place, currently held by the Greens.

New Zealand's governing Labour party is doing well in the polls and could even eke out a majority pending their exact support levels.

Ukraine remains a place to watch; Zelensky seems to have the edge at this time.

United Russia has still yet to bounce back. Math suggests they'd still win 275 seats, compared to 95 Communists, 55 Nationalists, and 25 for Just Russia.

Labor retains a lead in Australia, but its slowly shrinking.

Finland remains interesting. The government is a coalition of KESK, KOK, and PS, or, was at foundation. At the time the three parties held a combined 57% of the vote. Since then, PS was removed from the coalition and a splinter party of theirs, SIN, has retained its cabinet seats. In the latest polls, the 3 coalition parties sit at 34.3%. Even if PS were added to that, it would not reach 50%.

Today there are some interesting votes going on. Okinawa held a referendum, which due to Japan being so far east of me (on the other side of the date line) we know the results of; the "no" side won, which indicated opposition to the US military base in the area.

Additionally, there is a referendum in Cuba, and local elections in part of Italy (Sardinia), alongside elections in Moldova and Senegal. Nigeria voted yesterday but results are not yet available, and the British Virgin Islands votes tomorrow, with Chicago going to the polls on Tuesday.

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