Monday, February 25, 2019

Quick post on Singh and Burnaby South

Apologies in that I did not have the free time I planned to today; but wanted to simply say that Singh needs to win this by-election

The results should be available here when the polls close

regardless, right now, all signs point to him winning.

Singh needs to win. If the NDP somehow wins Outremont that is also notable. Also notable is if the Liberals somehow win York-Simcoe. Very notable would be if the Greens, Peoples Party, or some other small party wins any of these.

What will not be notable or of any importance is things like how close the Liberals came to winning in Burnaby; the Peoples Party finishing second, even if in all 3 by-elections; how poorly the NDP does in Outremont or how poorly the Liberals do in York-Simcoe; and so on.

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