Friday, February 22, 2019

More on Israel

A projection update, but also a few more notes on nomenclature.

The parties that are running on a united list with Jewish Home are officially not known as the "Jewish Home List" and are running as the overly long "Union of Right-Wing Parties". I will call them simply the "Union".

As such I present the updated projection:

35 - Blue & White
29 - Likud
9 - Arab Opposition
7 - Labour
7 - UTJ
6 - Union
6 - Right
5 - Shas
4 - Yisrael Beiteinu
4 - Meretz
4 - Kulanu*
4 - Arab List*
0 - Gesher*
0 - Zehut*

* = danger of not meeting the threshold

Adding in the most logical single coalition partner, Gantz has 42 to Bibi's 35, but the latter has better relations with the more religious parties, which could bring him up to 47.

Interestingly, Blue & White plus Likud would have a majority; but Blue & White opposes Netanyahu; however should Likud decide he is more trouble than he is worth, it could lead to an interesting situation.

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