Saturday, February 9, 2019

Dennis King, PEI PC leader

Dennis King has won the PEI PC leadership. The problem (from the standpoint of "everything is continuing as it was the last time I posted about it on this blog, nothing has changed") is what King stands for.

To quote:

"The system is broken.There is a lack of trust.People are disillusioned about politics."

"We need to loosen the partisan grip on our democratic institutions."

"We want to preserve and protect our Island for future generations."

"We need to achieve a carbon-neutral society. We need to set hard targets of consuming a fixed percentage of our energy from renewable sources, and we need to make those targets binding."

"We need to be guided by the principle that government must be open, accountable and transparent with Islanders. This is their province, this is their information and this is their money."

In short; the Green Party might have some trouble staying where it is in the polls.

I will update the situation at the next poll; but that may be months from now.

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