Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Doug Ford's Toronto move and Blog Schedule

First, a quick note on the schedule. I am working on the following posts

1 - A full post about Ford's Toronto moves, and the 25 vs 47 wards and what it all could mean. (spoiler: I can't see how anyone could stop Ford)

2 - A fuller and richer quebec projection; this will depend partly on getting a poll from a 3rd firm (Mainstreet, Leger, and someone else; probably CROP or Ipsos)

3 - A richer post in the Sweden results and government formation (A Socialist-Centre alliance seems the most likely at this time as I expected)

4 - A post about what Ford's moves could mean in Ontario politics (In short, if Tories are at or below 34% this is very bad for Ford)

5 - A quick overview of the oncoming US Midterms (The final relevant primaries are tomorrow night)

Many of these are time limited. I can't for example, post about #5 until Friday Morning, and #2 and #4 require polls that could come out at any time; while #3 requires more movement in coalition negotiation. As for #1 I'd like to see exactly what Ford is proposing before I post; and, I prefer to do one post a day, in the morning.

As such this is a bit of a holdover post, and letting everyone know what I'm working on.

I am actually keeping the Quebec map up to date based on data as I get it even if I do not blog it every update.

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