Friday, September 14, 2018


Today's post is going to be short, and off schedule, as I feel the 20-odd houses that randomly exploded yesterday deserve some attention.

This is underplayed in the media, and as always, I strive to bring you the stories I think are important.

This is a story I think is important.

TLDR: this could have been caused by a simple over-pressure situation, and there's a (small and probably unrealistic) chance this could be caused by a hacker attack.

While I have extreme doubts this was any sort of "attack", mistakes happen all the time, and people need to be aware of the risks of what is in their own home.

Keep in mind I can not recall this ever happening before.

Simply; keep an eye out. Don't be "too busy" to pay attention to your own safety. I am neither encouraging anyone to freak out and go overboard, nor am I saying you should ignore this. I am saying you should spend 5 minutes a week making sure that explosive substances being piped straight into your house are actually as safe as you think they are.

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