Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Another Quebec Update

I just want to start by drawing attention to this
wikipage on quebec polling for some context for something I will bring up later in this post.

In order to make this projection I've had to do some reverse-engineering of the work of others such as QC125 and TCTC

Quebec polling has been very light to non existent so far in the election. I am hopeful that this is due to the fact the election just started and that polling will pick up. Regardless, polling is very hard to come by right now with only mainstreet doing polls, and those polls being behind paywalls.

Full disclosure that I was able to get access to Ontario's paywalled mainstreet polling thanks to the goodwill of mainstreet head Quito Maggi. I will not be doing the same for Quebec for two reasons. First, it would be extremely ungrateful; to ask, and second, I still fundamentally disagree on a moral level with this business model.

As I see it, if you have done a poll that is unable to be put on wikipedia, you've not done a poll.

That is why I am not very impressed when the head of Leger polling decided to smack talk Mr. Maggi.

Mr. Leger has no business smack talking the only man actually doing daily polls, even if those polls are paywalled.

By introducing this inflammatory rhetoric, you are drawing attention to the fact that there has been a grand total of one single poll done during the 11 days of the election.

This is both pathetic and shameful. Quebec is the 2nd largest province in Canada, with 8M people, and to have it so poorly polled is offensive.

Worse, it reminds people of the poor polling over in NB which, in fairness, is actually to be expected due to its size (700K) and, in my mind, brings up the fact that since MIRA collapsed - the agency that oversaw polling in Canada - that abacus polling no longer includes full PDFs of their polls.

From where I sit, as someone on social support, here, on the morning of September 4th 2018, the entire Canadian polling industry seems to be in utter shambles. If you wanted to infuriate me, I could hardly think of a better way than to start smack talking one another when the sort of rubbish you can see in the link at the top of this post is the best you can do.

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