Friday, June 22, 2018

Upcoming Turkish Election

Just a quick heads up that I'm following the upcoming Turkish election this weekend.

A new law means that electoral alliances will be able to pool votes for the purpose of passing the threshold. Two main alliances have thus formed.

According to a month long poll average, the AKP lead alliance would win 300 seats, 258 to the AKP and 42 to MHP, while the CHP lead alliance would win 230; 154 to the CHP, 64 to IYI, and 12 to SP. HDP wold take 70.

The presidential race is setting up to be a battle for second between Mr Ince from the CHP and Mrs Aksener from IYI. Aksener seems to have better chances of defeating Erdogan in the final round, but Ince seems to be leading her on the first preferences.

A more full post on the election will come within 48 hours.

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