Monday, June 25, 2018

Turkish election results

While some of the results are somewhat disputed, the two sets of numbers are similar enough to produce a results post.


52.6% - AKP - Erdogan
30.6% - CHP - Ince
8.4% - HDP - Demirtas
7.3% - IYI - Aksener
1.1% - all other candidates

Erdogan has won a first round victory. Even the disputed results show that, even if it is not a first round win, his lead is large enough to overcome any second round challenge.


293 - AKP
50 - MHP
343 - Government Alliance

146 - CHP
44 - IYI
0 - SP
190 - Opposition Alliance

67 - HDP

In sum, while the government retains its majority, the AKP loses its majority by a few seats. As such, this is not as big of a victory for Erdogan as it could have been. Again, while there are a set of dispute figures, they too show a government majority with an AKP minority.

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