Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ontario Update, May 9th

Note that you can see the results of this projection yourself here: and using the following numbers:
5.5 for each of the three factors
23% for the Liberals, 38% for the PC Party, and 32% for the NDP.

60 - PC
43 - NDP
21 - OLP

I've updated quite a bit of the projection's mechanics. It now properly takes Ford into account, including properly showing him winning his own riding. 

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  1. Certainly seems plausible. I wonder if the Liberals would support Andrea Horwath as the two parties together would have a very slim majority although maybe it might be easier to let Ford govern for a year or two as a supply and confidence agreement would be very narrow and have little room for error (MPP misses a key vote or by-election loss).