Thursday, May 31, 2018

NDP majority slips away

With multiple polls confirming the conservative party has not fallen as far as otherwise expected, the NDP's projected majority has now slipped away. The projection is as follows.

57 N 38.00%
51 P 34.77%
15 L 20.97%
01 G 06.26%

You'll notice some changes in specific ridings, as I get more and more accurate data for various riding races.

The Greens are now on the board, but it remains to be see how long this will last, as the NDP is only a few dozen votes behind in the riding.

Mississauga is where the NDP has probably lost the most ground, not due to the PC vote, but due to the Liberal vote, which is causing the PC party to win an additional riding due to the split vote.

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