Tuesday, April 26, 2022

French and Slovene elections

 Sorry for the late update; but regardless.

Emmanuel Macron, the incumbent President of France, has won re-election, with 58.5% of the vote vs his opponent Marine Le Pen, who took 41.5%. I want to examine this further, and will do so, in a future post about the upcoming legislative elections.

In Slovenia, a brand new pro-europe liberal party has won the elections, taking 41 of the 90 seats. In doing so, they've pushed all the other liberal parties out of the legislature. In the last legislature, the various liberal parties had 33 seats. The results are as follows:

41 - GS - 34.5% - Liberal, pro-europe (gain of 41 seats)
27 - SDS - 23.5% - Nationalist, anti-europe (gain of 2 seats)
8 - NSI - 6.9% - Christian Democrats, pro-europe (gain of 1 seat)
7 - SD - 6.7% - Social Democrat, pro-europe (loss of 3 seats)
5 - L - 4.4% - Socialist, anti-europe (loss of 4 seats)

The most likely coalition is between GS and SD. However, I personally would not rule out one between GS and NSI. NSI however may be tainted by being in the incumbent coalition. 

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