Wednesday, April 20, 2022

20APR2022 updates

 Nothing much new to update on. The final two French presidential candidates are the two that were expected, and the polls continue to say it is very roughly a 55-45 split. 

On the 24th, france will elect a president. 

On the same day, Slovenia votes. A new small-l liberal party is doing well in the polls.

In Italy, the Progressive Democrats (PD) and the far-right Brothers of Italy (FdI) are battling it out for the polling lead, with both parties at roughly 21.5%

FdI has potential allies. Lega is averaging about 17%. FI has about 8%. A newish party, pushing for Italy to leave the EU, has about 2% support. Combined this is roughly 48.5% for the right.

PD has potential allies as well, especially among smaller parties. Together, these 6 small parties, take roughly 13% of the vote. M5S may also sit with them, they are polling at about 13%. This puts the left on 47.5% of the vote. 

The left, however, has many more "working parts" to function. IE more parties, and parties that are further apart. 

Other upcoming elections:

May 5th, UK locals

May 8th, Schleswig-Holstein

May 9th, Philippines

May 15, North Rhine-Westphalia

May 15, Lebanon

May 18th, the UCP leadership review ballot in Alberta will be published. 

May 21st, Australia

June 2nd, Ontario election

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