Sunday, April 3, 2022

Elections in Hungary, and Serbia.

 In Hungary, the united opposition seems to have performed laughably bad. They've managed to gain 4 seats, going up from 52 to 56, while the government has gained 2 seats, going up from 133 to 135. The opposition may have taken as little as 35% of the vote. A far right party may have taken 7 seats. At this time, I don't know to whom the final seat has gone. The referendums however, seem to have failed. While all have taken over 90% of the vote cast, only 45% of voters cast ballots; which would render the results invalid. 

In Serbia, only half of the vote is counted, but the government seems to have won a majority, or, a minority that's only a few seats short (meaning a coalition would be relatively easy to form). Results will not be released until tomorrow. The President, who is of the government's party, however, has clearly been re-elected and has already declared victory. 


  1. the final hungarian seat went to the National Self-Governemnt of Germans party