Monday, November 2, 2020

US Election, part 3

 Election night. November 3rd. 2020. Washington DC. Slightly before Midnight:

Donald Trump declares victory. The map looks like this:

The next morning:

Biden is up, having gained the lead in a few states, but, no moves are made by either side, beyond the expected complaining and threats. 

About 5:45pm:

Biden declares victory. The map looks like this:

About 7:15pm:

Trump, or, an important surrogate, threatens lawsuits. 

That night:

Protests, demonstrations, and violence. 

November 5th:

Any court cases will begin to materialize here. Sadly. I will need to actually see them to say what happens beyond this. Right now, I give 5-to-1 odds that the Supreme Court will unanimously throw out any Trump suit to throw out enough validly cast ballots to overturn the results. However, the exact composition of the suit may mean he could win. 

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