Saturday, November 7, 2020

Biden officially wins

Biden has officially been declared the winner by the media.

I'm planning a number of different posts; 

One that looks at what happens if a candidate passes away between the general election and the casting of electoral votes

One that looks at how the US worked before 1789, and, hence, why the Electoral College exists (spoiler: it has little to nothing to do with "small states", and, if anything, is the opposite) 

One that simply looks at the results (Dems may be down to 220-225 in the house, a majority, but a narrow one)

One that looks at what a Post-President Trump could do with his new found free time

And one that looks at raw vote totals from elections around the world

One or more of these may come out over the next few days, or, as unlikely as it may be, I might even do posts on other things and not look at any of these. 

Regardless, none of these ideas are anywhere near post-ready.

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